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Wind turbine vertical

View of 600w axial fluw wind turbine on 8,5m scissor type tower. Can be raised and lowered using very little effort. Ideal for both urban and rural installations



Wind Turbine Kits

Kits available to suit various needs from partial to complete kits, for turbines up to 1kW. Purchase a flat pack turbine and complete the welding up of the chasis or manufacture the blades yourself. It's your choice!!!

All parts accurately laser cut to close tolerances, so balancing isn't an issue


Flat plate (6mm mild steel) wind turbine parts - R 1400

Includes: Front and rear magnet rotor plates, 2 magnet locating discs, blade hub and various parts required for the construction of the chasis. All parts electroplated


Complete axle and hub - R 1000

Incudes: Hub (back surface lathe cut to accept back magnet rotor), axle stub and bearings, high tensile nuts and bolts . All parts electroplated


Stator - R 1500

Stator manufactured to suit your requirements in terms of output voltage


Wind Turbine Blades

If you are a capable woodworker, manufacture the blades yourself, or purchase a set to suit your needs

750mm 3 blade set - R 1000

1200mm 3 blade set - R 2000

1800mm 3 blade set - R 3000

Neodymium Magnets

Nicekel coated rare earth magnets available in various sizes

24 x Grade N37 Neodymium magnets 50x20x8mm - R 2200

LED Lights

Load reduction is an important part of the planning required in implementing an alternate energy system. Reducing your load translates into big savings and should not be overlooked. LED lights offer excellent efficiency, so should be a strong consideration for any alternate energy system. A further advantage is that they are available in 12v units making them compatible in the boating, camping and small cabin envoronments

DIY Wind Turbine Towers


Solar Controllers

Solar Panels