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View of 600w axial fluw wind turbine on 8,5m scissor type tower. Can be raised and lowered using very little effort. Ideal for both urban and rural installations

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If you are viewing this site, then chances are, you are interetsed in either building your own wind turbine from scratch or completing certain aspects of it yourself

The intention of this site is to support the DIYer looking to build a wind turbine in his own workshop, who does not have the time or resources to complete the whole project from scratch

Few of us are masters of all trades. Why not tackle certain aspects yourself and purchase the rest. Use it as an opportunity to involve the children, impart some knowledge and hopefully spark some interst in what will inevitably become are huge industry in years to come

Our turbines are robust and fully serviceable, so will last for many years

We offer complete kits or seperate parts to suit your needs

The alternator on offer is also suitable for use with vertical axis wind turbines and micro-hydro systems

Full technical support to assist you in completing your project

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